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Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning

Climate Systems proudly supply and install Mitsubishi Electric and Fujitsu Heat Pumps. We do both residential and Commercial Air Conditioning.

Our team of trained professionals are accredited installers and are available to come to your home or business and give you a free no obligation consultation on what Heat Pump will best suit your requirements. It is important to have the right size unit in your home as a unit that is too small will run constantly and will not heat or cool the room adequately. The undersized unit will be overworked and constantly stop running to defrost, and eventually fail. Call us today and our team will provide you with expert advice.

Heat Pump Servicing

It is important to have your Heat Pump serviced on a regular basis as they are more efficient and economical when they are serviced. It also increases the life expectancy of your Heat Pump. Climate Systems strongly recommend that you have your Heat Pump serviced professionally annually to ensure your unit is running properly and efficiently. Once you have had your Heat Pump serviced by Climate Systems you will go into our data base and we will call you annually for a no obligation reminder that your heat pump is due for its service.


Climate Systems Heat Pump Service includes:

Indoor Unit:
  • Remove filters, wash with specialised filter cleaner and rinse.
  • Clean the coil with purpose coil degreaser to lift any buildup of dirt/oil etc.
  • Test and clean the drain line/condensate pump
  • Check electrical connections and operation
  • Ensure operation of the heat pump and satisfactory air off temperatures
  • Dust and clean entire indoor unit
Outdoor Unit:
  • Degrease coil
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check fan motor/bearings
  • Rinse entire unit & Check for rust/damage
  • Ensure installation is safe and meets standards/regulations
  • Recommend any repairs that may be needed


If you are having trouble with crying windows due to poor ventilation we can provide you with a consultation and come up with a design tailored for your homes needs whether it be a Heat Transfer Kit, A Positive Pressure System or a Heat Recovery Ventilation System.  Give our team a call, our services cover, residential, commercial and industrial.

Climate Systems Heat Pump Experts


Our team of Electricians can offer a wide range of services. No job too big or small, 24 hour service. If you have an
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